Breakfast on the Run

Time is often the cause of an unhealthy breakfast – bagels & donuts are pretty quick to order at your local coffee shop but a detriment to healthy eating.  Starting the day off on the wrong foot can be a downward spiral.  This morning I opted for pickling cukes.  Diehard bagel fans can smear a little cream cheese on them but I roll original.  Pickling cukes are easy to eat, crumb-free for your commute, and only a little noisy on the train.

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Back in Action

I’m embarrassed that it is taking a health scare to rejuvenate my blog and my interest in eating healthy but, alas… 

Short version – a week ago I woke up and wasn’t able to walk well.  Combined with a painful skin condition of some sort that restricted my ability to move my joints (inflammation), I bounced around to Urgent Care, ER, two Primary Care Physicians, and am pretty close to a diagnosis of sarcoidosis – manageable through a few different routes.  One of those routes is ‘food as medicine’.  

My (she’s the best) new Primary Care Physician – well, not new but due to some intricacies with health care plans, I was seeing different PCPs for a decade and was able to be welcomed back to her office – partnered me with a few Specialists to confirm her diagnosis.  One thing that we talked about was the concept of food as medicine and how, for the last ten days, I went on an anti-inflammatory diet consisting of:

  1. Leafy green vegetables (organic)
  2. Walnuts and almonds
  3. Water
  4. Pineapples and pineapple juice (organic)
  5. More water
  6. Lemon juice (for my water)
  7. Tart cherry juice (organic)
  8. Kidney beans 
  9. Berries (organic)

I’ve resolved to continuing to drink coffee but adjusted back any cream or sugar which is tough but still better than dying, right?

This takes much more planning both day to day and socially as so much of our American social system revolves around eating and no one wants to pull a bag of walnuts out at a fancy dinner party.

One resource that’s helping me is The Dirty Dozen list which is the list of fruits and vegetables that retain pesticides and should be purchased in organic format:

This list also includes The Clean Fifteen which is a list of fruits and vegetables that can be purchased in non-organic form as they do not retain pesticides.

Today’s morning meal breakdown:


Tart cherry juice and lemon water

Cup of strawberries

Cassava melon

I also started commuting 100% via public transportation to increase the distance I walk each day.  Normally, I drive to the train station and take the train in but today (and forward) I am walking to the bus which takes me to the train station.  It’s the small changes that we make incrementally as we adjust our lifestyle to truly live better and healthier.

As my blog name indicates, you can have a Day 1 for Health at many junctures.  Today is mine!

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Nan-Made Recipe: Turmeric Face Masque

In the last few years, my obsession with the sun has gotten the best of my skin.  I have started to develop a bit of rosacea on my cheeks.  After a few unsuccessful visits to a dermatologist, I found my own solve in my cupboard.

I make a very simple mask of pure, organic turmeric and hexane-free castor oil.  I have found oil from The Palma Christi company to work best.

The recipe is simple – one part turmeric; two parts oil – added to an airtight glass jar.  Be sure to store it in a dark space.  (The castor oil is only a binding agent.  You can substitute your favorite oil.)

Caution – the turmeric will tint your skin with a yellow-orange color.  It makes a mess of your towels and bedding but is worth it!  My experience is that the tint is temporary and washes off.

The benefits of the turmeric are anti-inflammatory and puts the skin at ease.



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Recipe: Roasted Pumpkin Cole Slaw

Today’s quick meal is a really easy, inexpensive and healthy cole slaw. I used a slaw mix (from supermarket).

cole slaw mix (any brand from supermarket, no flavor or dressing)
balsamic vinegar (4 liquid oz.)
organic brown honey (2 tablespoons)
raw pumpkin seeds (.25 cup)
coconut oil

Sauté the pumpkin seeds in the coconut oil until brown
Mix half of cole slaw in bowl with half each of the balsamic vinegar and honey
Let pumpkin seeds cool
When cool, stir in half of the pumpkin seeds
Continue to hand mix while gradually adding the rest of the ingredients
Stir, Cool, Serve

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Living Meat Free

One of my 2014 resolutions is to reduce meat intake.  The amount of antibiotics and chemicals in our meat supply is astounding.  I’ve committed to returning to living a meat free life in the next year.  Today, I was able to stay meat-free for the whole day.  It all starts with Day 1.  Today was my Day 1 for being meat free.  I have more energy and stayed very hydrated throughout the day by drinking tap water with a few drops of organic lemon juice throughout the day.  Tomorrow will bring another challenge in that it is Day 2!

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Holiday Eating

With December behind it, this is a great time to take stock of this past year and to also plan out 2014. What have you got in store for yourself this year? I am blogging (separately) my journey through my 2014 resolutions. Mainly, they include healthy eating, weekly yoga classes, reading and writing. I’m excited for 2014 and returning to blogging on

What are you looking forward to in 2014?

Buon natale,

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Happy Summer!!

Organic green leaf lettuce from my Uncle’s backyard.


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Today, I made organic frozen pops. Organic yellow grapefruit, organic red raspberries, and organic lime juice! Yummy!!

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June 11, 2013 · 6:29 pm

Nan-Made: Organic Cilantro Lime Texmati Rice

Tonight’s dinner is going to be Mexican-inspired.  I am creating a Texmati White Rice with Cilantro and Lime.  The rice and cilantro are organically grown.  The lime is conventional.  I haven’t been able to find organic fresh limes – just lime juice.  

This is a really easy recipe.  Just boil a quarter cup of rice (per serving), chop cilantro as finely as possible, and take a quarter lime, squeeze the juice and then finely chop the pulp.  Add the cilantro and lime to the rice.  Be sure to let it sit for about ten – fifteen minutes to let the flavor completely cover the rice.  




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Sugar, sugar everywhere

These “fruit” cups pack about 18 grams of sugar per serving. Even the sugary kids cereals have less sugar per serving.


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